It is open to boys and girls. No distinction is made on grounds of caste or creed.
The academic session begins in April and ends in March. Normally only children who are over four, and below four and a half years of age will be admitted to the LKG class. A corresponding age limit is set for the other classes too.
Except the beginners, all students, before being admitted, must pass a test in the Core subjects. If a student has attended any other school, he/she must produce a Transfer and Character Certificates from that school.
The parents/guardians are hereby informed that their sons/wards, after passing X, if wanting to continue their studies in this institution, should fill up new admission forms for further studies at the plus two stage.

Students shall be liable to dismissal from the School on any one of the following grounds :-

  1. Inability to follow classes in English
  2. Continuous lack of progress in studies and character
  3. Acts of indiscipline and insubordination
  4. Absence for more than ten days without prior permission
  5. Immoral acts of stealing, damaging the school property and its fame, misbehaviour
  6. Non-payment of Fees
  7. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the School