Love for learing.
Disciplined for service.
Love, Learning, Discipline, Service.

        What would strike you first, at the crest of the school , is the lamp of learning set against the scenic beauty of Bagidora. In a land blessed with the lush green fields of wheat and other commercial crops, due to the life giving waters of Mahi dam brought to our area, through the main canal, it is this light of knowledge that St. Paul school strives to spread in the locality for the good of all the people living here. We intend to influence the life and destiny of all the students crossing the portals of St .Paul ‘s with everlasting values of love, learning discipline and service .the seeds of knowledge grow in the fertile environment provided by the enriching atmosphere of the school and turn into grains of prosperity shown in the spite of wheat. The cross above silently proclaims the supreme love and sacrifice of Jesus our Guru , whose life Life and teachings continue to inspire millions across the word.